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Hello Blog World ...

Hello Friends,

So.. I’ve decided to start a blog. Not so much a blog but more the late night bubbling of my brain.

I have wanted to do this for a while now but I have never truly had the courage to make it happen. I have the ideas and generally speaking I have the time but I suppose putting yourself out there in a different kind of creative way can be daunting. In another sense everyone is a blogger these days and I was trying not to follow the obvious trend but who am I kidding? I love trends. I guess anyone could start a blog if they really wanted to, so thats what I am going to do. If not why not right?

I love writing, and I love talking, so I think I’m going to try and merge the two all while trying to précis as much as I can.

During the coming weeks I will fill you in on all the things I love and possibly some of the things I despise.

Thank you for reading thus far and for coming along on this journey with me.

Cheers to Blogging


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